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Pet Festival is an educational and entertaining animal fair designed to raise awareness of animal welfare and to educate individuals about pet products, pet food, pet fashion, pet health, pet training & all pet services - all that you need for your best friends!
The event will also have Competitions for Dogs, Cats and Pet Owners. There will be presentations and demonstrations by experts and groups. Local pet groups, rehabilitative organizations, vendors, training schools, and veterinarians have been consulted in preparation for this show.
Pets Festival Participants:

• UAE’s Police Dog Squad K9 – Unit       • Emirates Kennel Club

• Pet Products Vendors                            • Pet Fashion & Style

• Animal Welfare Organizations               • Veterinary Consultants

• Pet Behaviorists & Trainers                   • Government Animal Welfare Departments

• Entertainment & Food outlets                • Children’s fun and games

The vision of Pet Festival is to present an annual event offering unparalleled marketing, distribution and media interaction opportunities for both its exhibitors and pet loving public.  Pet Festival was created entirely around the needs of today’s pet owners and pet related industry, taking into consideration the following key elements:

  • Selected exhibitors / vendors to promote and provide an upscale and diverse selection of products 
  • An inspiring, lucrative and intimate environment to create awareness among the pet owners,   public with regards to various aspects related to the pet industry and pet welfare.
  • Innovative visual buying opportunities
  • Inspiring awards for people dedicated to pet welfare.
  • Vast networking and educational opportunities with key influencers in the pet industry, fashion and
  • General business world
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Dubai

Pet Festival draws media attendance from all over the UAE and neighboring Gulf States, since it unique of its kind in the region, organized by PETME Magazine, the leading and most favorite monthly magazine related to pets.


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The PET FESTIVAL – Dubai is organized by the PETME magazine, in association with the EMIRATES KENNEL CLUB and various other Organizations / sponsors, annually since 2012.

The 1ST PET FESTIVAL (2012) was held at the UP-Town Mirdiff, which had around 3000 visitors and about 100 dogs and few other pets. Various breeds of Dogs and training methods were displayed. The Petting Zoo and Reptiles area were one of the main attractions.

The 2ND PET FESTIVAL (2013) was held at the AL AHLI Club during Dec 2013. This event had an attendance of 200 dogs attending along with 5000 plus visitors. The competitions for dogs were introduced for the first time. Around 15 organizations participated as sponsors and exhibitors. The Abu Dhabi Police K9 unit’s D0g squad joined us by presenting live demonstration of how they protect the people of UAE.

The 3RD PET FESTIVAL (2014) was held on 7th and 8th Nov 2014, at the RUGBY PARK – DUBAI SPORTS CITY. This 2 days event had an attendance of 410 dogs and in total 18,000 visitors in 2 days. The 1st International Dog Show was conducted according to the FCI standards judged by internationally renowned judges with FCI approvals. The 10th International Cat Show was also held in association with the World Cat Federation (Germany). The Agility competitions were also introduced as a part of the PET FESTIVAL. The highlight was the Demonstrations by the K9 Unit of the UAE’s Police Dogs and few other Dog trainers of UAE.

The 4TH PET FESTIVAL (2015) was held on 11th December 2015, at the DUBAI SPORTS CITY’s Rugby Park, with an attendance of 16,000 /- visitors. 608 dogs visited the event. The 2nd International Dog Show was held with 3 FCI approved renowned judges. A competition for Dog Groomers was held at the event. A Cat show, the Fancy Dress Competition and the Agility Rings were the other attractions of the event. Around 40 organizations participated in sponsoring and exhibiting at the event. All of them were very much happy about the whole event and are looking forward to take part in the next PET FESTIVAL.

The 5TH PET FESTIVAL (2016) was held on 4th March 2016, at the Du Arena, in YAS ISLAND - Abu Dhabi, with an attendance of 5,000 /- visitors. 300 dogs visited the event. This was first time a large pet show was conducted in Abu Dhabi. The 3rd International Dog Show was held with 3 FCI approved renowned judges. A competition for Dog Groomers was held at the event. A Cat show which attracted 50 Cats from Abu Dhabi was well appreciated. The Fancy Dress Competition and the Agility Rings added more fun to the event. Around 30 organizations participated in sponsoring and exhibiting at the event. Abu Dhabi is going to witness a bigger pet festival in the coming years. 

The Al Hamra PET FESTIVAL was held on the 4th & 5th November 2016 at Al Hamra area in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaima. Even though this event was the first of its kind in Ras Al Khaima, it was attended by more than 3000 visitors with pets.

The 6TH PET FESTIVAL was held on 9th December 2016 in Dubai. hence forth the event is named as the DUBAI PET FESTIVAL. It was again held at the Rugby Park, Dubai Sports City with 17,000 plus visitors attending. The 4th International Dog Show, Cat Show, Petting Zoo were all there. Around 45 organizations participated in sponsoring and exhibiting at the event.

The 7TH PET FESTIVAL was held on 3rd February 2017 at Abu Dhabi, at Du Arena in Yas Island. Hence forth the Pet Festival at Abu Dhabi will be called as the ABU DHABI PET FESTIVAL. Even though the weather was very bad the event was well attended and those who missed it were requesting for a repeat show. The 5th International Dog show was held along with the other regular features of the Pet Festival. For the first time a Specialty BULLY Show Competition was held in association with the IBKC - International Bullies Kennel Club.


Since the beginning the PET FESTIVAL received excellent response in participation and from the large no of visitors who came to the event. Each year the no of participants in the Dog shows increased. Different varieties of breeds competed in out FCI styled shows judged by internationally renowned Dog Show Judges. Therefore it was decided to make the PET FESTIVAL as a brand and to stage the festivals in various emirates and in other gulf countries with the location name in front (Ex: DUBAI PET FESTIVAL, ABU DHABI PET FESTIVAL, MUSCAT PET FESTIVAL, KUWAIT PET FESTIVAL etc.)

The PET FESTIVAL has emerged as one of the largely attended family events in the UAE. The event is informative and entertaining to the whole family. Renowned as the “Pet’s Day Out” the pet owners have year marked this event and keenly looking forward to the next one.

As organizers we take at most care in security and cleanliness at the event. All pets entering are checked by veterinary teams and Dogs are assessed and classified for aggressiveness or behavior. This had helped to avoid unfortunate incidents or accidents.

The various activities at the PET FESTIVAL include:

The International Dog Show (All Breeds) - 3 Rings with 3 International Judges (FCI)

A Special Agility Rings. – Competition Ring & Practice Ring

Grooming Competitions

Fancy Dress Competition for Pets & Owners

Feline Beauty Contest

Reptiles, Aquarium & Birds Show.

Dog Trainers Demonstrations

UAE’s K9 Police Dogs Demonstration

Petting Zoo and Pony Ride

Kids Play Area

Vendor Stalls of Pet Products & Services

Demonstration by UAE’s K9 Police Dogs

Demonstrations by Dog trainers and Experts

Food and beverages outlets

Animal Welfare and Adoption Agencies

Governmental organizations