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Yas Pet Together


From the organizers of the beloved Abu Dhabi Pet Festival, this all new pets day out calls together owners, pets, and animal lovers alike to take part in a PAWsome day to play and learn. Designed around pet and owner interaction, guests will be able to participate in activities such as dog & owner exercise and agility courses, as well as engage in workshops on topics such as pet travel safety, weight maintenance and grooming techniques.

An indoor Cat Village will feature workshops and demonstrations exclusively for felines. Kids can keep busy in a large play area with bouncy slides and an educational petting farm which will teach kids how to interact with pets safely and carefully.

Extensive food stalls will provide an array of dining options for guests to enjoy throughout the day. Market stalls will feature artisan pet accessories and treats, while pet wellness brands will also promote and sell their products.

Highlight of the event will be a first of its kind PET Fashion Show, featuring latest pet fashion trends, with pets and models on the catwalk. Event will also feature a Pet & Owner Fancy dress competition and demonstrations.

At the peak of the event, owners, pets and friends will participate in a parade around the Arena, where judges will select winners for different categories such as best owner and pet matching pair etc.”

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Rules & Regulations for Permission of Pets in to the show Venue

All Pets Entering the Venue should be Registered at the Entrance

All Pets have to undergo Vet Check and should show Vaccination

proof (Pet Passport or Letter from reputed Veterinary clinic) to allow entry into the Venue. Vaccination should have been carried out within the last 2 years.

All pets will be checked by our Official Vets health conditions

All Dogs will be tested for aggressiveness and Red - Green or Yellow Ribbons will be tied to their neck. This Ribbon should be worn at all times inside the Venue.

No EXTENDABLE Leashes will be permitted inside the Venue

Dogs or Cats participating in the Competitions should register at respective desks and pay fee for each competition. Others need not pay.

Cats should be carried in Cat Carriages at all times

No wild animals or endangered species will be permitted

Officials / Organizers can refuse entry for any without giving any reason.


The Pet owners should sign an undertaking at the entrance desk

Accepting responsibility for their pets and will compensate the damages caused by their pets.

The owners of pets bring their animals at their own risk. The Organizer or Officials will not be responsible for the actions of their pets.

Small dog owners must keep their dogs away big ones at all times to avoid getting hurt. 

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An ALL BREEDS OPEN DOG SHOW COMPETITION will be held at the YAS PET TOGETHER 2018, on the 26 October 2018. The competitions are open to all Dogs (including Spayed & Neutered dogs) with rules formulated by our judges. The show will be judged by Three International Judges. It is easy to join. Read the Rules mentioned below. 

In this show competitions, the dog and the owner (handler). Marks awarded to the dog includes the knowledge of the handler about his dog and the way the dog is handled. 

The Registration of Dogs can be done at the Venue between 1 pm and 3 pm. Competitions will start at 3 pm. 

There will be competitions for older dogs under Veteran Class and there is also prizes for Child handlers. 

Judges decision will be final and binding. 


  • 01.00 pm till 3.00 pm - Registration at the Venue
  • 03.00 pm - Group 1
  • 04.00 pm - Group 2 
  • 06.00 pm - Group 3
  • 07.00 pm - Veterans Group (Above 8 years) 
  • 07.30 pm - Child Handlers
  • 08.00 pm - Best in Show
  • 09.00 pm - Prize Distribution
  • Benching time - 09.00 pm


The dogs’ welfare will be of UTMOST PRIORITY at the dog show.
Only breeds that will be shown are those are approved by the Government of UAE.

The groups are as follows:

Group 1 Small Dogs

Group 2 Medium Dogs

Group 3 Large Dogs

The Dog Group is fixed at the Registration desk by the Show Officials.

Sick (temporarily ill or suffering from a contagious illness) or lame dogs and bitches which are lactating or which are accompanied by their puppies will be excluded from the dog show. Bitches on heat are not allowed to participate. Blind or deaf dogs are not allowed to take part in the Shows. Dogs with docked tails or cropped ears are to be admitted in accordance with the legal regulations of the home country. The judging of docked and undocked or cropped and uncropped dogs must be done without any discrimination and solely in accordance with the valid breed standard.

It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose with anything that alters the structure, colour or form. It is forbidden to prepare the dog in the show ground with any substances or equipment. Only combing and brushing are allowed. It is also forbidden to leave the dog tied up on the trimming table longer than necessary for the preparation.
Micro-chips (ISO-standard) are accepted.
The organizing committee reserves the right not to accept the participation of any exhibitor at the show.

Main ring Competitions:
Best of Group, Best in Show, Best Veteran, Best Puppy, and Junior Handling must be judged by all judges together.

Rules & Regulations will also be printed behind the Registration Form

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The CAT SHOW Competition


The CAT SHOW Competition will be held during the YAS PET TOGETHER, on the 26 OCTOBER 2018 at the Auditorium at the Du Arena - Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

The Competition will start at 4 pm and finishes at 7.00 pm. The event will be held in a closed and Air-conditioned hall / Tent.

The Cats are judged along with the Owner for points. The Owners knowledge of her/his cat, the way the cat is Groomed, how the cat is handled etc will add to the points awarded to the cat.

There will be contest for the following titles:

Best Long Hair Cat

Best Short Hair Cat

Best Kitten

Best Male

Best Female

Best in Show

Best Opposite Sex

Best Arabian Mau Cat

The Contest will be judged by renowned judges of Middle East Cat Society and the Indian Cat Federation.

The participants can Register at the Show Registration Desk between 02.00 pm and 03.00 pm and collect their cage numbers.

There will be a Veterinary Check at the Entrance for all Cats. Pl present the vaccination papers. No Cats will be allowed without Vet Check and no entry for cats before 2.00 pm.

Cat Owners should bring their cats in their cat carriages only. No leashes or carrying them on hand will be allowed.  

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The Agility Rings at the YAS PET TOGETHER provides a great opportunity for dog owners and their dogs to compete in events regardless of whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts.

The Agility ring allows beginners, intermediate and expert competitors where you can test your's and your dog's skills. No time, no stress, no fear, it’s all about fun and happiness! Where the owner and dog were able to test the skills and get tips from professionals to help you prepare for the next competition!


How to Enroll & Participate:

There is no Pre-registration required for the Agility Rings

Owners can Register their Dogs at the Venue and collect their Nos.

The Entry Fee is AED. 20 /- per Dog.

Ring will be opened from 2.30 pm till 8.00pm

Winners will be selected from short listed entries from each round.

Final Winners – 1st – 2nd & 3rd place winners will receive Trophies and certificates

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Pets Adoption Drive


At YAS PET TOGETHER we are arranging a large area for Pets who need a home. More than 5 animal welfare groups joining together to find homes for many lovely and healthy Dog & Cats. All pets at this adoption are Vet checked, vaccinated and in good health.

Come and Select your Lifetime friends here!

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The Petting Farm at the Yas Pet Together provides an opportunity for Children and Pet lovers to see and pet various pets and farm animals in a very convenient area. It is an educational and thrilling experience for those, especially children, who rarely have the chance to see and feel these domestic pets. Attenders will assist and provide information on these animals. 

You can also have photos taken with your favorite pets, to cherish the memory of your visit.  

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YAS PET TOGETHER will also feature a exiting demonstration by the UAE Police's K9 Unit presented by the Abu Dhabi Police Security Inspection Department. The demonstration will be held between 6 pm and 7 pm at the venue. Visitors to the show should occupy the seats around the demonstration area in order to not miss this excellent show by the highly trained Canines. 

SHOW TIME:  06.00 PM TILL 07.00 PM

The show will include the dogs and their handlers in a show of total obedience, bonding and control. The dogs will later present several dramatic demonstrations of false run, attack, vehicle attack, and search and rescue missions. The children will also have the chance to compete with the dogs in fun games such as tug-of-war and “who pops their balloons first”!

The Abu Dhabi Police dogs are of the highest quality, individually selected and specifically trained to accommodate the widely varying requirements of Law Enforcement. These would include detecting explosives, narcotics and drugs, searching for weapons, tracking and rescuing survivors during accidents or natural disasters, detecting criminals involved in thefts, homicides or prison runaways.

Our sincere thanks to the Abu Dhabi Police Security Inspection Department’s Lt. Hamad Al Azizi for accepting our invitation, and to his colleague Warrant Officer Mr. Karim and his team for bring us the excellent K9 show

Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) created the first dog squad in 1982 and later started the breeding centre in Al Ain to support their growing needs. A police dog is often referred to as a K9 which is a homophone of canine. K9 dogs are trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work.

The K9 section of Abu Dhabi police is also training civilian dogs on how to be obedient and guard their master’s home.“Dog owners can seek help from our professional K9 trainers who can teach dogs how to obey and execute orders. We have trained over 30 civilian dogs in our facility,” Lieutenant Hamad Mubarak Al Azizi, Office Manager of K9 Security Search Department

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