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YAS PET TOGETHER will also feature a exiting demonstration by the UAE Police's K9 Unit presented by the Abu Dhabi Police Security Inspection Department. The demonstration will be held between 6 pm and 7 pm at the venue. Visitors to the show should occupy the seats around the demonstration area in order to not miss this excellent show by the highly trained Canines. 

SHOW TIME:  06.00 PM TILL 07.00 PM

The show will include the dogs and their handlers in a show of total obedience, bonding and control. The dogs will later present several dramatic demonstrations of false run, attack, vehicle attack, and search and rescue missions. The children will also have the chance to compete with the dogs in fun games such as tug-of-war and “who pops their balloons first”!

The Abu Dhabi Police dogs are of the highest quality, individually selected and specifically trained to accommodate the widely varying requirements of Law Enforcement. These would include detecting explosives, narcotics and drugs, searching for weapons, tracking and rescuing survivors during accidents or natural disasters, detecting criminals involved in thefts, homicides or prison runaways.

Our sincere thanks to the Abu Dhabi Police Security Inspection Department’s Lt. Hamad Al Azizi for accepting our invitation, and to his colleague Warrant Officer Mr. Karim and his team for bring us the excellent K9 show

Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) created the first dog squad in 1982 and later started the breeding centre in Al Ain to support their growing needs. A police dog is often referred to as a K9 which is a homophone of canine. K9 dogs are trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work.

The K9 section of Abu Dhabi police is also training civilian dogs on how to be obedient and guard their master’s home.“Dog owners can seek help from our professional K9 trainers who can teach dogs how to obey and execute orders. We have trained over 30 civilian dogs in our facility,” Lieutenant Hamad Mubarak Al Azizi, Office Manager of K9 Security Search Department