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Rules & Regulations for Permission of Pets in to the show Venue

All Pets Entering the Venue should be Registered at the Entrance

All Pets have to undergo Vet Check and should show Vaccination

proof (Pet Passport or Letter from reputed Veterinary clinic) to allow entry into the Venue. Vaccination should have been carried out within the last 2 years.

All pets will be checked by our Official Vets health conditions

All Dogs will be tested for aggressiveness and Red - Green or Yellow Ribbons will be tied to their neck. This Ribbon should be worn at all times inside the Venue.

No EXTENDABLE Leashes will be permitted inside the Venue

Dogs or Cats participating in the Competitions should register at respective desks and pay fee for each competition. Others need not pay.

Cats should be carried in Cat Carriages at all times

No wild animals or endangered species will be permitted

Officials / Organizers can refuse entry for any without giving any reason.


The Pet owners should sign an undertaking at the entrance desk

Accepting responsibility for their pets and will compensate the damages caused by their pets.

The owners of pets bring their animals at their own risk. The Organizer or Officials will not be responsible for the actions of their pets.

Small dog owners must keep their dogs away big ones at all times to avoid getting hurt.