Dogs Agility Rings

Dogs Agility Rings

The Agility Rings at the PET FESTIVAL provides a great opportunity for dog owners to allow their dogs to compete in events regardless of whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts.

The Agility ring will have beginners, intermediate and expert competition where you can test yours and your pups skills. No time, no stress, no fear, it’s all about fun and happiness! Where you and your dog will be able to test your skills and get tips from professionals to help you prepare for the next competition!

How to Enroll & Participate:

There is no Pre-registration required for the Agility Rings

Owners can Register their Dogs at the Venue and collect their Nos.

The Entry Fee is AED. 50 /- per Dog.

Winners will be selected from short listed entries from each round.

Final Winners – 1st – 2nd & 3rd place winners will receive Trophies and certificates