The Grooming Competition

The Grooming Competition

The Grooming Competition is for Dog Groomers - Professional and Hobby groomers based in the United Arab Emirates. The competition will be held on the 11th December 2015, at the PET FESTIVAL 2015 venue (Rugby Park - Dubai Sports City)

The Event will be Judged by Ms. Yashodhra (India) who is a renowned Dog Show Judge, Winner of many International Grooming Awards, Renowned Trainer for Grooming and an established breeder of Dogs.

The 2nd Judge is Mr. Renante Tolentino (Philippines) of Pets in The City .

Dog Grooming Competition

Brought by

Emirates Kennel Club & Pets in the City

December 11, 2015

Registration Requirements :

a) Groomers to complete the registration form (click the Groomer Registration Button)

b) Groomers to provide their sponsor/employer NOC to partake in competition (if representing behalf of employer)

c) Entry fee is AED 50/- per registration

d) Groomers will provide their CV, visa copy with registration form

e) Groomers to submit the registration forms latest by 07-12-2015

f) Groomers will ensure to abide by UAE [law] restrictions in selecting their dog model breed

Groomers will ensure to abide by the instructions set by the Competition organizers and competition judge. The Judges decision will be final.

Competition Schedule:

Friday December 11, 2015


Start       End         Event                               Location          

Time      Time


14:00     15:00        Meet & Registration            Registration Desk 

15:00     16:00        Setup of grooming tables      Competition Hall  

                           (by Groomers)

16:00      16:30       Break & Brief by Judge        Competition Hall

16:30      17:00       Final Preparations before 

                           start of competition

17:00                    Start of Competition 1 hour

18:00      18:10       Break 10 minutes

18:10      19:00       Competition continues 1 hour

19:00      19:30       Judges scoring ½ hour

19:30                    Winners announced and winners awarded.

                            Photography session ½ hour


Groomers – Rules

a) Groomers can select their model from any of the approved dog breeds, with reasonable coat hair length

b) Groomers can create any style of grooming they choose

c) Groomers must bring their own

     i. Grooming tools (220v only)

     ii. Electric extension wire

     iii. Hair blower (220v only)

     iv. Rubbish bag(s)

     v. Masking tape

     vi. Grooming leash/hanger

d) Decorative touches such as bows, beads, glitter, ribbons, rhinestones and hair extensions (attached humanely) will be allowed

e) Groomers will not use

     i. Any banned hair spray products

     ii. Dog muzzle on model dog

     iii. Sedation on the model dog

Competition - Rules

a) Groomer will be disqualified if:

a) Groomers model dog gets down/jumps from the grooming table

b) The model dog is injured during the grooming

c) Groomers will loose 15 competition points if:

    Groomers equipment drops from the grooming table

    If the groomers model dog bites

d) Once the 2 hours of competition are complete and judge signals to stop all Groomers must lay down their tools immediately

Competition points

 Points for model selection – 15

 Points for handling - 15

 Points for scissoring - 25

 Points for creativity - 20

 Points for model obedience - 15

Competition - Awards

Winners will receive a) Trophy and Certificate plus Gifts & Complimentary items from Sponsors

a) First prize b) Second prize and c) Third prize

All participants will receive certificate of attendance signed by Competition Judge